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The Vineyard

In 1985, 30 hectares out of a total vineyard of 75 hectares were classified "Appellation Contrôlée" and more may have the Appellation in the future. Situated on the gentle hills of our domain there are two distinct types of soil : the southern clay and chalk slopes produce most of the classified wines and some "Vins de Pays", while to the north, separated by a natural rocky barrier are 12 hectares of red soil from which comes our reknowed "Cuvée de Turenne".

In 1820 the vats made from Russian oak where installed in the church, hence the name "Cathédrale des Vignes". The cistercian monks planted vineyards here during the 12th century, as in many of their abbeys (the majority of the great Burgundy vineyards were of Cistercian origin) and since then our land has been planted with vines.

During the 19th century we exported to Mexico, and our produce was later sold during the twenties and thirties from a shop in Paris - Rue Mouffetard. Today, our wines are exported worldwide and distributed through France.

The vines are cultivated by machinery and special attention is given to natural fertilisation. Vinification and bottling are carried out following modern techniques : pneumatic wine press, controled temperature, scrupulous hygiene conditions and conditioned air store rooms.