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The 'Abbaye de Valmagne', XIIth and XIV th century, is a Cistercian Abbey located in the parish of Villeveyrac , close to Meze, not far from the 'Etang de Thau'.

You will access to the site by a road of plane trees, several hundred –year-old -. You will there appreciate the 3 Gardens of Abbaye de Valmagne.

Inside the Abbey : the Cloister Garden

The Cloister Garden is surrounding the charming fountain. The Cistercian Monks following the Rule of St Benedict were not allowed to get out the Monastery . Inserted in the four galleries, this inner courtyard would allow them to admire blue sky and some nice greenery . The Citeaux roses , specially created for cistercian abbeys, the black bamboos,... bring to this garden a very particular charm.

Outside the Abbey : the Medieval Garden

Near the St Blaise chapel, which was also the “porterie” where the gardian use to stay, a medieval garden has been created on the model of St Gall. In the Middle Age, the monks used to grow plants to feed themselves, cure illness and decorate the Virgin Mary altar. This reconstitution shows the vegetable plants ‘hortus’ , the medicinal plants ‘herbularius’, a green cloister and a monk’s cimetery.

On the opposite side of the Medieval Garden: the ‘Grapes Conservatoire”

While walking through the path, each-one can identify the different graps used in the wines of this wellknowned Valmagne wineyards : Roussanne, Marsanne, Viognier , Syrah, Grenache, Mourvèdre, Morrastel ...

Free tasting on request.