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Amber Beer

The Abbey Beer is made with quality barley, oats, wheat and French hops, combined with elderflower, this gives it a aromatic palette.

The beer, known as a "double" style, has a very ample and full body with a clear taste of alcohol, a typical cloudy complexion with strong copper colour and a compact head.

In the mouth she offers a taste of barley, roasted stewed yeast - specially selected, and this gives her the rare roundness you can find in this beer.

At 6.5 vol0/0 Alc, this is a great beer to share, to be consumed at 10/12°C.

The beer is made in collaboration with Brasserie d'Oc.

How it is made

Originally from Belgium, the beer is produced according to the methods of the Trappist Monks under licence from the Monestaries who hold the method.

The beer is traditionally refermented in bottles in order to vitamins created by the fermentation.

Other than the "double" beer, there also exists the triple with a much stronger alcoholic content (between 8 and 10%) and whose colour is a yellowish brown with spicy notes.

Like in all the Abbeys at that time, the monks of Valmagne would consume the beer made in the Abbey everyday, with the wine reserved for special parties and passing guests.